Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash.--Soldiers from the 22nd Human Resource Company received congratulations for a job well done at their redeployment ceremony September 6 at the Wilson Sports and Fitness Center on Joint Base Lewis-McChord after returning from 12 months in Iraq.
Leaders spoke of an outstanding mission accomplishment at the redeployment ceremony for 22nd Human Resource Company, 593rd Special Troops Battalion, 593rd Sustainment Brigade.
"Your flexibility to mission, positive attitude, attention to detail, patience, team work and espirit de corps throughout your deployment were key to a successful deployment," battalion commander Lt. Col. Douglas LeVien said to the returning Soldiers. He also noted the Soldiers' dedication to the Army and mission in light of the 10 year anniversary of 9/11.
The Families of the 22nd Human Resource Company were not forgotten either.
"We salute the Families of the 22nd Crusaders who stood strong through uncertainty and whose resilience, dedication and commitment to their Soldiers continue to shine as beacons," LeVien said.
The company headquarters, which deployed with 29 Soldiers last September, finished a year conducting operational environment circulations to 21 different locations throughout Iraq. Under their direct supervision were six postal platoons, three personnel accountability teams, a plans operations team and six casualty liaison teams, culminating to more than 200 Soldiers. In addition, the 22nd HRC provided postal guidance to 310 Kellogg, Brown and Root employees and ensured performance was consistently maintained to standard through contract oversight.
The company's accomplishments include improving postal mission to remote locations within Iraq and improving quality of mail service to three passenger terminals and six combat support hospitals. The 22nd Crusaders conducted 18 operational environment circulations, supported more than 396 mobile postal missions and generated revenues of approximately $893,590 supporting over 4910 customers. In addition, the Crusaders supported a total personnel flow of 733,000 people through three passenger terminals and assisted in the management of information for more than 650 casualty reports of injured personnel. Furthermore, the 22nd Crusaders assisted in the closure of several locations' postal missions as the drawdown continues.
The 22nd HRC commander Maj. Robert Arroyo spoke highly of the unit's number one priority of customer service.
"The Soldier's performances were consistently above and beyond that of their peers," Arroyo said. "Their superb level of competence was matched only by dedication to mission success and excellent customer service."