"Basically, it was wrote for the guys." Said Rodney Hardy, Joint Program Office MRAP government site lead at Kandahar, of the poem he wrote.

The poem titled, "Standards Set" was the product of a rocket attack that struck the work space Hardy is responsible for and its aftermath.

"I just had it running through my head and decided to put it down." Hardy said. "It was my release of that day's events that took place."

Taking pen to paper, Hardy wrote the poem that now hangs in the building that was hit. "I thought about what I had seen and then just tried to be able paint a picture with what I was writing.

"It was a stress relief for a traumatic or abnormal event in someone's life," Hardy said. "So I would recommend if it helped. It helped me."



On this day dark Kspan One took a round.
When the smoke and dust cleared, I had men lying on the ground.
Some men were running, but not away!
Brave men and women were coming to help; while others prayed.
Men's blood was shed, however, none dead.
The Lord was watching over us of this I'm sure.

My men were hauled to care.
At the hospital, treatment they did receive.
One by one down the hall, they walked.
Wounds bandaged others with stitch, bodies sore with metal inside.
With smiles and laughter, we did talk.
Concern for my men gave way relief and pride.
Four walking wounded were sent to bed, but two remained.
They lay in bed with strangers watching, checking their leg and head for pain.
As night took over the day, the eerie silence of Kspan One was deafening.
I stood and looked at what was there.
With thoughts running through my head, I thanked God for no men dead.

Morning dawned clear and bright.
The building was blessed.
With no power to raise the door, men labored it skyward.
Walking wounded pushing brooms, while other men shoveled up debris.
Work was done to make it shine.
Before their shift was complete, these men and Kspan One had refused defeat.
For those that were here and to follow, the standard has been set!

Site Lead-KAF
August 16-17th, 2011