ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Rock Island, Ill. -- This September will mark the ten year anniversary of 9/11; we will remember those lost, honor our first responders, and renew our commitment to prepare and plan for emergencies. I am pleased to announce that Rock Island Arsenal is joining the Ready Campaign, founded after 9/11 to increase preparedness throughout all communities in the U.S., and taking an active role in helping Rock Island Arsenal prepare for emergencies.

What does it mean to be prepared? It means households have an emergency supply kit so they can be self-reliant for at least three days in case of emergency, and they have a plan for how they will respond and reconnect after an emergency. For information on creating a supply kit and writing a plan, see the attached Family Emergency Plan template and Emergency Supply Kit checklist, and for more information visit

At the workplace being prepared means employers have planned for how they will survive a disaster: they've backed up critical information, developed a plan for assisting employees on site, established a call tree to account for employees, and identified back-up sources of power and supplies. See Ready Business at for more information.

Being prepared means staying informed, knowing how to get information and alerts from local state emergency management agencies, and understanding the specific risks in your community and preparing against them are the keys to being prepared. Being prepared means meeting with Rock Island Arsenal resources such as the Emergency Manger, Antiterrorism and Force Protection Officers and first responders to coordinate planning for your organization.

We're taking steps as an installation to become better prepared and informed, and we urge you to take time to do the same at home and in your community.