ADELPHI, Md. -- The Adelphi Lab Center Facebook Page is now live at is the primary source of information about activities of the U.S. Army Garrison Adelphi Laboratory Center. The page will also share news about ALC's main tenant, the Army Research Laboratory, and other organizations, from the Installation Management Command to the Department of Defense, and neighbors like Fort Meade, Aberdeen Proving Ground and Fort Belvoir.We encourage you to "like" the page if you are a Facebook member - but anyone with access to the internet and a compatible browser can see the page, even if you're not a Facebook member. On first visit, you will see a welcome page, as in the first image above. A click to "like" the page will take you to the main page, seen in the second image above.If you are not a Facebook member or prefer not to like the page, just click on the link below the IMCOM/Adelphi logo on the left to go to the Wall. That's the main news feed from here, including stories shared from our partners and other organizations.