As the 2011 Advanced Technology Applications for Combat Casualty Care Conference comes to a close this week we can reflect on the opportunity to network with and learn from our peers in the military medical community.

This week brought about new and exciting developments in combat casualty care. The focus on pre-hospital care demonstrated the military's continued commitment to treat our Soldiers in combat. The research on military human performance showcased the on-going desire to protect our Soldier and mitigate the potential for life-threatening injuries. The depth and breadth of research and presentations related to Traumatic Brain Injury displays the importance and concern for the health of Soldiers beyond their deployment.

While we have made great strides and impacts, there is still work to be done. There are still problems to be solved. This event highlighted the call for additional training and simulations to teach under the most difficult situations as well as the need for more civilian-military collaborations. The exhibitors and poster presentations offered solutions as they displayed their research and services throughout the conference.

As we return to daily life next week and the excitement of the event has passed, we must continue to strive for solutions with the health and treatment of Soldiers at the forefront of our efforts.