FORT CARSON, Colo. -- Registration is under way for the Automation Installation Entry system, which was activated at Fort Carson Monday.

During the initial testing and system validation, which will last approximately 60 days, the far right hand lanes at gates 2, 4, 5 and 20 will be identified for AIE traffic. As more people register, the Directorate of Emergency Services officials will open more lanes to use the system.

AIE lanes may be changed periodically in order to ensure all components are working properly during the testing and validation phase. Signs will be posted at the gates to indicate which lanes are open for AIE use.

The AIE system, which was installed at the installation gates over the past several months, is designed to leverage technology to increase security for the Soldiers, Family members, Department of Defense civilian workforce, retirees, contract employees and guests of the Mountain Post by electronically validating an individual's identification.
When fully deployed, the system will increase the traffic flow at the gates and provide a means to verify one's identification by using a personal identification number during periods of increased force protection conditions. People registered in the program will be able to be granted access to the post through the identified AIE lanes by swiping their Department of Defense-issued identification card into the system card reader. All DOD Common Access Card holders, retirees, Family members, reservists and guardsmen can gain access through the automated system.

Those not registered in the AIE program will still be able to gain access to Fort Carson through the lanes not identified for AIE by having their identification cards validated by gate guards. Enrollment in the AIE program will not exempt an individual from being selected for random inspection in accordance with the installation's Random Anti-terrorism Measures Program.

The AIE system allows registered personnel to act as "trusted travelers," which means only the driver has to swipe his identification card; not one for each passenger. The term trusted traveler only applies to passengers with a valid reason for entering the installation, such as guests of the sponsor under his immediate control. The trusted traveler program will be suspended at increased FPCON levels and may be suspended as local threat situations dictate. As part of the enrollment process, all customers will be required to read the trusted traveler program memorandum at the vehicle registration office during system enrollment.

Registration for Automation Installation Entry can be completed at the Fort Carson Vehicle Registration Office, building 6012, outside Gate 1, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

A preregistration kiosk, which allows people to input their information and scan their identification cards, is located in the main foyer of The Hub, building 1532. Those using the preregistration kiosk will be required to visit the VRO to complete the registration process, which includes taking a digital photo, fingerprinting, establishing a four-digit personal identification number and entering a digital signature.

People can also preregister from home by visiting