FORT STEWART, Ga. - Reality TV has become a major part at American Society. Studies show that many of the viewers are teens. So, how does Reality TV affect us? Because Reality TV is not scripted, it allows the freedom for writers and producers to make changes to the story line, weather it is positive or negative. To attract more of the teen viewer's writers tend to make more of the controversial choice rather than create a more positive outcome. It promotes teens with false reality to make them believe that the behavior is acceptable and true. Many teens begin to look at reality stars as role-models and try to behave like them.

As many negatives there are about reality TV, there is also a positive aspect that we can take as well. There are some reality shows we can use as a tool to show us what not to do and how not to act. However, many of us do not see it that way and have a totally different perspective of how the show is being portrayed.

It may be one of the many reasons for why some of us act the way we do, but you can not use that as an excuse. The reality you choose should be your own and not the way we think it should be from TV. Take charge and make your reality positive so that everyone that looks at you, sees you as a great role-model.