ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Rock Island, Ill. -- Eighty percent of the intelligence our adversaries collect is from "open source" that someone placed on unsecure websites.

What are they are looking for:

- Names/photographs of important people
- Present and future U.S. capabilities
- Meetings of top officials
- News about U.S. diplomacy
- Important government places
- Information about military facilities:
-- Location
-- Units
-- Amount of lighting
-- Exterior size and shape of buildings
-- Number of Soldiers / officers
-- Ammunition depot locations
- Leave policies
- Brigade and company names
- Degree & speed of mobilization

The U.S. Army, and all government organizations, have communications concerns other organizations do not. Release of inappropriate information can result in lost lives.

- Policies and ROE that govern the use of weapons and electronic or acoustic warfare systems.
- Vulnerabilities of defensive dispositions.
- Vulnerabilities to attack.
- Vulnerabilities/capabilities of units, weapons systems.
- Doctrine for using various weapons.
- New weapons that are available or are being employed.
- Overall bed/treatment capacity.
- Shortages in medical specialties/personnel.