KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan (Aug. 19, 2011)- The 401st Army Field Support Battalion-Kandahar hosted a rehearsal of concept drill to help maneuver units turning in their tactical vehicles for upgrade and maintenance understand the process of turning those vehicles in.

The 401st AFSBn-KAF is in the process of upgrading tactical vehicles across Southern Afghanistan, making them better able to withstand the explosions and protect Soldiers from improvised explosive devices. The purpose of the drill was to help maneuver units who are turning in their vehicles do so seamlessly by walking them through the process first.

"It [the turn in process] will go more smoothly because they know what they have to do and it's been communicated from a single source." said Rodney L. Hardy, Joint Program Office MRAP government site lead at Kandahar.

Hardy who is responsible for managing the upgrade said he thought the drill today will help maneuver units navigate the process better. "They will know who to contact for the right transaction."

The drill started with a short briefing by Lt. Col. Timothy P. White, Regional Command-South Combined Joint G4 and assistant chief of staff for G4. White who serves as the chief logistics officer for Southern Afghanistan, walked attendees through the various pieces of paperwork they would need in order to turn in their vehicles for upgrade. He then discussed what will happen to the vehicles while being upgraded and the training Soldiers will receive to operate them.
"This is a team effort." said White. "It's about getting these [vehicles] into our Soldiers hands."

Attendees were then able to meet and ask questions of the contractors who will actually be upgrading their vehicles and see the facilities where the upgrade will take place.

"Units will understand the process and it will save a lot of hassle and minimize maneuver guys going back and forth." said Maj. David Guida from the 204th Brigade Support Battalion in 2nd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division. "It will minimize the loss of combat power for the maneuver commander."