If you were given the choice of running five kilometers or consuming six doughnuts and a glass of milk, which would you choose? What if you could choose to do both?

That's what participants in the Black Knight 5K-ish Challenge did to help raise money for the 201st Military Intelligence Battalion's upcoming dining-in. They called it "the real gut check."

Sixty-five contestants gathered at the flag pole on Stanley Road before the first rays of sunlight crept over the horizon. At 6:30 a.m. they were off toward the half-way point next to the 470th Military Intelligence Brigade's headquarters building. There they were met by Family Readiness Group volunteers handing out boxes, each containing a half-dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and small cartons of Oak Farms milk.

Runners and walkers had to stop and consume their "breakfast." As each one washed down the last crumb, a volunteer stuck a star on his or her running number to verify consumption was complete. Then they were on their way again, back to where they started. When all participants returned, they donned paper caps to confirm they had completed the challenge. But the event was not over. Some of the more adventurous participants engaged in a doughnut-eating contest. Here were six more donuts with liquid as needed.

Chief Warrant Officer 2 John E. Flores, who headed up the event along with Chief Warrant Officer 2 Chad Brown, recognized the distinctions of some of the contestants. Unique among them was an award for "Just Making It Back" and another one for "Best Hurl"; only one earned that one.

Flores said an event in North Carolina called the Krispy Kreme Challenge inspired this fundraiser. That event involved running two miles, eating a dozen donuts, and then running two more miles. It attracted 5,000 runners.

"I was very, very pleased with the turnout," said Flores, who explained that his battalion could publicize the event only within the building. "We raised over $600 for the Black Knight Fund."

Recognition was as follows: first-place runner: Spc. Alex Acla; second-place runner: 1st Sgt. Jason Hunt; first-place walker: Sgt. Douglas Lewis; second-place walker: Spc. Samuel Poindexter; "Took It Like a Champ" trophy: 1st Sgt. Jason Hunt; "Best Hurl" trophy: Sgt. James Buie; "Just Making It Back" (finishing last): Spc. Jason Swanson; and doughnut-eating champion: Spc. William Mueller.