FORT STEWART, Ga. - Up tempo music played in the background while patrons danced their way to fitness with Zumba, a Latin inspired dance fitness class at Newman Fitness Center, Aug. 5.

Fitness programs, like Zumba, returned to Newman Aug. 1, after a five month hiatus due to budgetary constraints.

"Our fitness programs are awesome and we want everyone to come out and support our classes," said fitness instructor Carmen Roman. "Zumba is unique because it's not just a simple dance. We move our waist and hips helping us to lose inches in those areas. We show you how to modify the movements so that you are comfortable."

"This is my second day participating in the fitness class and I'm here to tone up my body," said Family Member Jacqueline Jones.

Group fitness classes at Newman Fitness started in1989 and allows patrons the opportunity to interact and have fun with physical fitness according to Fitness and Aquatic director Jake Battle in a previous interview.

"We are still trying to get the word out about our fitness classes," said fitness facility manager Devin Bradley. "We have good quality instructors and our patrons are glad to have them back."

Bradley added that patrons have missed the camaraderie that the exercise classes offer. The all encompassing fitness classes offered include aerobics, step class, kickboxing, body sculpting, Pilates and Zumba.

Patrons can enjoy all the fitness classes with a nominal fee of $3 per class. Customers can save $5 by purchasing a $25 pass and attend 10 classes.

Regardless if you are a novice or a professional athlete, Newman Fitness offers something for anyone who wants to increase their physical activity.

To learn more about the facility and programs, visit:

The user friendly Web site also offers equipment information; cleaning hours and you can submit an Interactive Customer Evaluation comment card to give your feedback on the facility.