The Alabama Productivity Center presented the depot its second Alabama Quality Award yesterday at the Bryant Conference Center in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Anniston Army Depot was named a recipient of the Progress Toward Excellence Award, an award presented to organizations that not only have made a commitment to excellence but have applied and sustained the principles and practices for "sound and notable systematic processes that have improved results in key portions of the organization."

"The examiners and judges were very impressed with the commitment your organization has made to performance excellence," said Linda Vincent, award administrator.

The Alabama Productivity Center, a nonprofit organization located on the campus of the University of Alabama, works to improve Alabama companies' productivity, quality, and competitiveness through the use of the university's research and educational resources, according to its website.

The Alabama Quality Award, modeled after the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, has been administered by the APC since 1986. The award recognizes and honors organizations whose past or recent innovations in areas of production, service or management have resulted in increased productivity and quality.

Criteria for the award include success in strategic planning, process management and getting results. Applicants must meet seven criteria categories and host a site visit by AQA examiners.

AQA examiners were here in August to look at the depot's safety procedures, its environmental management system and several production operations. The award represents the quality product that all depot employees produce-from the quality of an M1 tank to the level of human services offered by the Directorate of Community and Family Activities.

"Next year we aim to achieve the level 3," said John Porter, a project manager in the Directorate of Public Works. The third and highest level for which a company can apply is the Alabama Excellence Award.