FORT BENNING, Ga. - In July, the first Cavalry scout trainees arrived at Fort Benning to complete their advanced individual training. On Wednesday " eight weeks later " 66 of 68 Soldiers from E Troop, 5th Squadron, 15th Cavalry Regiment, received their U.S. Army Cavalry (enlisted) Branch Insignia brass following the successful completion of a 20K Boot March. The insignia represented the completion of not only the situational training exercise but their rite of passage to becoming Cavalry scouts.

The troop marched onto Brave Rifles Field after finishing the march at 7:30 a.m " four and-a-half hours later. "Once you see that finish point, it's just a great feeling knowing that you completed 19 Delta AIT," Pfc. Cutberto Ruiz said about completing the march.

Ruiz said the march's challenges, including wear and tear on feet from the terrain, carrying a 65-70 pound rucksack and going up and down hills, took its toll.

But no matter what, he wasn't going to quit.

"You just gotta deal with it and push through it," he said.

Capt. Justin High, company commander for E Troop, said the march symbolized the Soldiers completion of the standard requirements for one station unit training with the 19 Delta Cavalry Scouts.

"Be proud of what you've accomplished between last summer and up through this morning (Wednesday)," High said.

With the rigors of AIT now complete, the unit will graduate at 9 a.m. Thursday at Brave Rifles Field and will return to their home state to perform their National Guard duties.