More than 200 III Corps Soldiers arrived at Command Post Yongin Aug. 7 for the 10-day Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise.

UFG is an annual exercise that provides valuable training as well as evaluating and improving combined and joint organizations, processes, plans and systems necessary for the conduct of operations of Republic of Korea and U.S. Forces.

In addition, UFG training is essential to military forces from both countries to hone skills and ensure readiness and will be the first major training exercise for III Corps and Fort Hood Commanding General Lt. Gen. Don Campbell Jr. since taking command.

The day after arriving, the III Corps Soldiers got to work and occupied a soccer field to begin setting up the command post.

The command post will be the center of operations for III Corps, and where battle decisions for the exercise are made.

Master Sgt. Charles Edward Chenault III, current operations noncommissioned officer- in-charge for III Corps, said setting up the command post correctly is critical because this is where Campbell will make operational decisions during UFG.

Battling rain and poor weather conditions, III Corps Soldiers used team and unit cohesion to get the command post ready.

Even with the rain, the command post is set up ahead of schedule, he said.

From privates to colonels, everyone is working together getting this done.

“With a maneuver element, for example, you have a specific mission and mostly lower-enlisted Soldiers.” he said. “However, at corps level, it’s a much different rank structure because you have mostly field grade officers and senior NCOs.”

While the ranks among Soldiers working were different, many found it motivating and were surprised at how much was accomplished.

“We had to get an entire floor laid down, tents set up so the staff sections can conduct operations,” Master Sgt. Christopher Williams, G7 sergeant major said. “It’s pretty amazing how fast we put 600 floor pieces down and set 20 tents up.”

Williams went on to say that setting up the post shows individual Soldiers what can be done as a team and how III Corps reacts to real-world situations.

“This exercise gives us a chance to do our jobs and work together with the entire staff,” Williams said. “It’s also motivation to see everyone come out and work together because it really sets the pace on what a good experience the exercise will be.”