ROCK ISLAND, Ill -- “ASC is looking forward to working side-by-side with the Department of State to ensure a successful mission,” said Carl Cartwright, Army Sustainment Command’s executive director for Field Support, during his Aug. 9 presentation to Defense and State Department visitors.

Deputy Assistant Secretary Defense - Program Support Gary Motsek and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State - Logistics Management Catherine Ebert-Gray visited ASC headquarters at Rock Island Arsenal, Ill., to learn more about plans to support State Department activities in Iraq.

“We have two missions: to support the Department of the State requirements, and to train to take over those requirements,” said Motsek.

Cartwright’s briefing provided an overview of ASC, with a focus on the command’s ability to arrange continued equipment maintenance and base life support for the State Department’s mission in Iraq after U.S. military forces have withdrawn.

“We have a great story to tell and we want work with ASC to tell that story,” said Ebert-Gray.