"Leapfest is the oldest and longest countiuously run international
military competition in the world. It is considered one of the 4 events
funded by military competitions at NGB. It will continue to be run by the
RIARNG as long as it can be funded by NGB. The best part of Leapfest is
sharing in the comraderie with soldiers and paratroopers from all over the
world and the US. This year we hosted Canada, Germany, Italy, Morocco, The
Netherlands and the United Kingdom." Lt. Col. Allen Corcoran, PAO for Leapfest

" Leapfest was a tremendous success. The weather held off for us and we
successfully delivered over 660 paratroopers to the drop zone with no major
injuries." Lt. Col. Allen Corcoran
Cpt. Jeff Preston from San Antonio, Texas, Alpha Co. Commander 143rd(Airborne) also competed in the competition.
"The competition went really well. The t-patch is out in full force. We have 3 teams from the Rhode Island, 2 teams from the Alaska Company and 3 teams from Texas. It's like battalion level training and just generally fun. The esprit-de-corps is great and its just a good time. The other cool thing is we have senior level jumpers working with more novice jumpers learning from some of the best in the Army."

Facts taken from the website:

The Leapfest Competition team consists of five (5) personnel total: four (4) jump-ers and one (1) alternate. Jumpers will exit from a CH-47 helicopter from 1500 feet (AGL) using the MC1-1C/D static line steerable parabolic parachute.
It was the 29th Leapfest.