ZARQA, Jordan (Army News Service, Nov. 28, 2007) - Arabic cultural-awareness training from Third U.S. Army/U.S. Army Central and the Jordanian Armed Forces is now available to all American servicemembers.More than 600 servicemembers will be able to attend the annual training at the Peace Operation Training Center in Jordan Feb. 17 to Mar. 27 in support of the Central Command Theater Support Cooperation Program, at little or no cost to their units. The training is an integral part of the U.S. Army Forces Command training strategy for Soldiers deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan, officials said.Course topics include the hierarchy of tribes and the structure of Iraqi society, family social structures, women in Arabic society, Iraqi dos and don'ts, the Arabic language and cultural awareness.The course consists of six rotations: one three-day senior leader seminar for brigade and battalion commanders, sergeants major and field-grade officers (O-4 and above), and five rotations of junior-leader training (O-3 and below).Junior-leader rotations include three situational-training exercises on checkpoints, building searches and mounted patrols. The STX lanes focus on many aspects of Arabic culture and will be taught by Jordanian officers and supported by American observers/controllers/trainers and numerous role players.STX missions involve searches, clearing and speaking with the media about a family home or mosque used to store money and weapon caches to support insurgents. Troops must learn to complete their missions while respecting the Arabic culture and religious beliefs.This training can also be incorporated into home-station training at the squad and team level, officials said.Cultural-awareness training is held in Jordan because the Jordanians are familiar with their Iraqi neighbors. The two countries share similar languages, histories and customs.Points of contacts for reservations are Maj. Alfredo Ferrer at 404-464-1897 or and Maj. Keith Thompson at 404-464-4973 or more information visit "Cultural Awareness Training" under useful links on the Third U.S. Army/USARCENT's homepage at <a href=""target=_blank></a>.(Maj. Keith Thompson is the training officer for Third U.S. Army.)