FORT STEWART, Ga. - As the Directorate of Human Resources held their President’s Challenge Award ceremony in July, Third Infantry Division Civilians continue to work hard towards their fitness goal with the Civilian Fitness Challenge.

“The Civilian Fitness Program is a promotional health program submitted by the Army,” said Devin Bradley, facility manager at Newman Fitness Center. “It’s a program for Army Civilians to engage in physical activities and education to encourage them to adopt good eating habits and physical fitness.”

The six-month Fitness Program engages Department of the Army Civilians in physical activity during duty hours, an hour three times per week. The physical activities include the five components of fitness in the areas of cardiovascular, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition.

According to the Army Health Promotion, Army Regulation 600-63, supervisors may approve up to three hours of administrative leave per week to allow employees to participate in command sponsored physical exercise training as part of a total fitness program and limited to six months.

“[The Army] gives us an incentive by giving time during the workday to be able to work out,” said Lisa Edwards, a Civilian Fitness Program participant. “They give us the time. It doesn’t count against us. This is part of the workday; this is our place of duty.”

Civilians could also record their activity progress by using the Presidents Challenge Program.

The Challenge Program is a tool used on the web that keeps track of one’s activities. The more activities that are logged into a participant’s account, the more points the participant earns. A Bronze Medal is awarded when 40,000 points is reached. A Gold Medal is awarded when 160,000 points is reached, and Platinum is awarded when one million points has been reached.

“You’re getting rewarded for something you’re already doing,” said Beverly Carradine-Gilmore, who received a Gold Medal during the DHR President’s Challenge Award ceremony. “There’s not anything additional you have to go and do. You might as well get credit for something that you’re already doing. I encourage everyone to get involved and register for the President’s Challenge.”

Robin Ellert, Education Services Specialist Chief of on-duty programs, is an active participant in the Civilian Fitness Program and the President’s Challenge Program. She recently earned a Bronze Medal at the DHR Award ceremony.

Tom Allmon, director of Human Resources, says that the fitness program is great program and that he is proud of his team for their accomplishments.

“We really need to invest in our workforce,” he said. "It goes back to the "one team" concept. We work very closely with Army Community Service, who has a resiliency training effort that they have undertaken. I have encouraged that through my employees."

The Civilian Fitness Program goes through September.

Slots fill quickly. For more information, call 912-767-3031 or visit For more information about President’s Challenge Program, visit