COS KALSU, Iraq -- When enlisting in the United States Army as a private in 1992, David Weising never imagined rising to the level of major.

Now, the Findlay, Ohio native, stands in front of a crowded room and is pinned as the newest field grade officer in the 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, here, Aug. 1.

"I made field grade officer, which is something as a private I would have never imagined me doing," admitted Weising, the Chief of Operations for the Ironhorse Brigade.

Weising completed his enlistment in 2002, and after graduating college and working for CITI group, he realized that he didn't enjoy it. So, he sat down and took a good look at his résumé. He noticed the majority of his skills were acquired from his previous military experience.

The next day he was driving down the road and spotted a recruiter. He pulled over and stopped to talk. A week later he enlisted for Officer Candidate School.

Since his journey as an officer began, all his promotions have been while deployed.

"It makes me feel proud, and kind of puts a spotlight on serving our country," said Weising,
"on that moment where you can think about it and reflect on what you are really doing and the reasons as to why you came into the military."

Weising has a family history in the military and he believes that it is where he belonged as well. His grandfather served in the signal U.S. Army Corps in World War II and his father served as a radioman for three tours in Vietnam.

Weising wasn't the only one proud of his accomplishment.

"It is always a great day when you get to promote somebody," said Ironhorse commander, Col. Scott Efflandt. "I believe that he is going to do great [things for the U.S. Army] for us here in Iraq, and I am glad to see him empowered with the rank that will allow him to exercise his expertise."

"This kind of played the role of a milestone," said Weising. "It's more of a challenge to reach major than captain, going from company grad to field grade."

With his new promotion, Weising's goal is to "make sure that I do my duties the best I can."

"When I got out the Army the first time I didn't plan on coming back in," the brand new major said about his promotion. "So to get to this point is a great accomplishment."