FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- With the upcoming job fair, Army Community Service wants to make sure all those looking for employment are ready to do it the right way to ensure success at the event.

ACS offers job fair prep classes Aug. 11 at Fort Rucker and Aug. 12 in Enterprise to ensure community members know what to expect, and what is expected of them at the job fair, said Debbie Gaydos, of Army Community Service Employment Services.

More than 70 businesses will be offering job seekers about 1,500 jobs at the Fort Rucker Area Job Fair Aug. 17 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Of those available positions, more than 640 will be local with hundreds more for those willing to relocate.

To accommodate the expected crowd of 3,000, Gaydos said officials moved this year’s job fair off post to the Enterprise Civic Center, and added that individuals should plan to spend considerable time at the event.

“In today’s market with so many jobs online, individuals seldom get to make that one-on-one contact with the recruiter. Very few resumes reflect the ‘entire package’,” Gaydos said. “Don’t miss this opportunity to meet with representatives from a diverse blend of local businesses, government contractors and federal agencies.”

Job fair recruiters will have available positions in retail, logistics, medical, law enforcement, administration, Aviation, food service, sales and more, she added.

“A job fair allows you to have that opportunity to connect with those recruiters. You will never have the opportunity to have so many jobs under one roof as you will at a job fair,” Gaydos said. “Due to the magnitude of the crowd, these fairs can make some people very uncomfortable.”

To help prepare job seekers for a successful job fair experience, ACS is offering job fair preparation classes including tips on resume writing, sales pitch, body language, research on businesses, appropriate dress, follow up and overall attitude, she said.

For an example, she explained that the most common introduction question recruiters might ask at a job fair is, “What are you looking for here at the job fair?”

Gaydos counsels serious job seekers not to respond with “a job,” but rather with a clear and succinct description of exactly what they are seeking.

“If you have done your homework properly, what you are seeking should match quite nicely with what they are seeking. Your comeback after you have explained you career desires? ‘And what type of candidates are you seeking?’ The perfect setup for establishing potential common interests,” Gaydos said.

Job fair prep classes are scheduled for Aug. 11 at Fort Rucker from 2-4 p.m. and in Enterprise Aug. 12 from 10 a.m. to noon. To reserve a spot, those interested in attending the Fort Rucker class should call 255-3949 and 347-0581 for the Enterprise class.

With all those businesses looking for the right employees, successful candidates will be ready to interview on-the-spot and maybe even get hired, Gaydos said.

“Those who are prepared will thrive,” she said.