REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala.--Team Redstone will undergo additional antiterrorism training and education in August in support of Antiterrorism Awareness Month.

Training will enhance the current level of antiterrorism awareness for Soldiers, civilians and family members.

The purpose of the AT awareness month is to instill and sustain heightened awareness and vigilance to prevent and protect the Team Redstone community and critical resources from acts of terrorism. Leaders, Soldiers, civilians and family members will better understand the key AT concepts, principles, roles, responsibilities and suspicious activity reporting procedures.

Additionally this campaign will strengthen relationships with local civilian emergency response agencies such as police, fire and medical emergency response agencies in order to enhance responses to acts of terrorism and other hazardous events.

Army headquarters has identified the following themes to be used during the AT awareness month and as quarterly themes throughout the year:

• Recognizing and reporting suspicious activity and indicators of high risk behaviors
• Active shooter response procedures
• Application of AT doctrinal principles
• Integrating AT into the operations process

Take a minute to review upcoming AT awareness messages that will be published in the Redstone Rocket, Army awareness posters on bulletin boards, banners and iWATCH Army public service announcements being played on Channel 42 during August.

Antiterrorism awareness tools, videos and information are available through the OPMG-Army ATEP on AKO Page (

Contact your organizational antiterrorism officer or Garrison AT reps for more information on AT awareness. They include the following:

Garrison -- Daniel Huber 842-2182 or Mark Olsen 842-2186
LOGSA -- Vickie Cooper 313-6701
ACC -- Bill Cooper 955-8203
AMC -- Joseph Barnes 450-8743
AMCOM -- Josette Paschal 876-2909
ECC -- Ken Purdin 955-8221
PEO Missiles and Space -- Robert Turay 876-9879
PEO Aviation -- Michael Lombardo 955-7441
AMRDEC -- David McGraw 313-0844
MSIC -- Russell Akins 313-7679
TSMO -- Cindy Wilson 876-8602
2nd Recruiting Brigade -- Ron Harper 450-9542
RTC -- John Blair 876-3558
SMDC -- Michael Mitchell 955-2141
MDA -- Maurice Elliard 450-3205
USASAC -- Travis Otis 450-5812
NEC-R -- Michael Horry 876-1810
Marshall Space Flight Center -- Jeffrey Branting 544-6170