Soldiers prepare for new Army physical fitness test
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SUWON AIR BASE, South Korea, July 29, 2011 -- As the U.S. Army overhauls its physical fitness program, Soldiers from the 6th Battalion, 52nd Air Defense Artillery are embracing the Physical Readiness Training and are preparing for the new Army Physical Readiness Test.

The torrential rain of the Korean summer did not dampen the spirits of Launcher Platoon, A Battery at Suwon Air Base.

Under the watchful eye of Sgt. 1st Class Marc Richards, the “Launcher Dogs” conducted a vigorous Physical Readiness Training session.

“We were going to bring water, but,” laughed Richards, gesturing at the wide puddles and grey clouds.

Sgt. Sloan Uis took the lead in the training.

“It’s a good workout,” he said about the PRT program, after leading his ten Soldiers through the routine.

“For the Soldiers who take it to heart, we see a lot of improvement,” said Richards.

Taking the training to heart in just such a manner was Pvt. Carla Douglas, who shouted, “Get your hardcore face on!”

Richards served as an Advanced Individual Training instructor and 1st Sgt. Erik Bernal is a former drill sergeant and both U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command schools have been utilizing PRT regularly in training.

The Army released its new PRT guide (Training Circular 3-22.20) in August 2010 and implementing the new program in Korea required the expertise of non-commissioned officers.

“I love the new program,” said Bernal. “Our run times are steadily getting faster.”

A Battery Commander Capt. Eric Blewett said, “It breaks up the monotony of old style PT (physical training) and gives platoon sergeants and squad leaders experience in leading PT.”

The Army’s PRT program is part of a general overhaul to improve combat readiness in the U.S. Army and will correspond with the new implementation of the Army Physical Readiness Test and the Army Combat Readiness Test, both of which will replace the current Army Physical Fitness Test.

Standards are being set now for the new tests.

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