FORT STEWART, Ga. - As summer begins to dwindle down, another school year is set to begin.

To some students this can bring excitement or maybe make them feel a little bit sad that summer is nearing an end. Or maybe you are a little overwhelmed having to start in a new school, making new friends, and adjusting to new teachers.

The “nervousness” that may be experienced by all things that are new will not last long, with the help and support of the 385th Military Police Battalion, Third Infantry Division, working alongside Liberty County High School. The 385th MP's aided parents and students during the LCHS Military Registration Day at July 26. This support allows for an easier transition for students to become actively engaged in school, helping the new students make friends and learn the halls of their new school.

The 385th MP's have adopted LCHS for the 2011-2012 school year. This allows the 385th MP's to give back to the community. “I am a firm advocate of this program,” Capt. Shannon Wilson, 385th MP said. “I believe that it is necessary for the military to work with the school and I am looking forward to the upcoming school year.”

The Marne Police will be LCHS’s sponsor throughout the school year assisting in many events to come, some of which include Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, sports programs and open houses, among others.

The first task that the Marne Police are assisting LCHS with enrollments. The early enrollment date is to help Military Families who have just come to Fort Stewart or may have missed the opportunity to enroll their students over the summer. Malik, a 16-year-old Family Member, is preparing for the start of his junior year. He transferred from Mountain View High School in Atlanta.

“I am excited for school to start, so I can get ready to try out as a wide receiver on the football team this year,” Malik said.

Military Families were able to not only get their students registered, but also receive valuable information about the school as well as the school district. Students had a helping hand in creating their schedules while learning about the classes they chose for their school year.

Once the students are registered at school and selected their schedule then the next big step comes … meeting their teachers. Meeting the teachers will allow the students to meet their future educators for the year depending on the class. The Marne Police will be present for the LCHS open house Aug. 2. This will help students learn where their classes are located and maybe find the quickest way to get from their locker to their first class.

To find out more information about school schedules, and times, refer to the Liberty County Schools Web site at