With the addition of a new dog to the household, I’ve begun walking more often. To keep things fresh, I’ve been looking at different routes to keep not only myself entertained, but also Spartacus, my dog.

In doing so, I picked up a pamphlet prepared by the Garrison Public Affairs Office (PAO) detailing a walking tour around Fort McPherson. The tour, which only takes about 30 minutes to walk, nevertheless takes people through Fort McPherson’s 126 year history, taking them on a sightseeing endeavor. Armed with the pamphlet, people can learn about the storied past of some of Fort McPherson’s oldest buildings and how they have changed over the years, not only in function, but sometimes in name and appearance.

With Fort McPherson scheduled to close in less than two months (and with many individuals duties decreasing), now is a perfect time to enjoy the summer weather and take a stroll through Fort McPherson’s past, take some pictures and make some memories before it is all gone.

Information for this story comes from the Fort McPherson Walking Tour pamphlet available at the Fort McPherson PAO at the Garrison Headquarters (Bldg. 65). The pamphlet was prepared by the Garrison PAO.