Since these Soldiers are on the roads, it is vital that they communicate with their respective bases and other units within their area.
To ensure communication between convoys and bases runs goes as smoothly as possible, radio technicians such as Spc. Nicholas Matthews, a Charleston, S.C., native constantly check and re-check communication radios.
“Every day is a challenge but I look forward to it,” he said. “I get a chance to work with different people from all over Contingency Operating Base Adder.”
Matthews maintains more than 80 radio systems and 72 global positioning systems, and is also responsible for training nine radio operators and keeping them current on communication equipment.
“I know that if a radio goes outside the wire, I have ensured that all communication is in check and my unit can call for help,” he said.
There has not been any communication issue since the unit has arrived in theater, and Matthews is responsible for that continued success.
“Matthews has grown into a very knowledgeable communication specialist. He spends many hours preparing the unit for missions which to date, resulted in mission success,” said 1st Sgt. Anthony Moore, first sergeant and senior enlisted leader for the 941st Trans. Co. and a Charleston, S.C., native. “He has performed duties far above his pay grade, and does an outstanding job.”