Crane, Ind. - The employees of Crane Army Ammunition Activity passed a safety milestone of more than one million hours worked without a lost workday incident in October and are still going strong.

The milestone, marked from Feb. 15 to Oct. 8, means that the injuries encountered by CAAA employees were minor enough that no employee missed a full day of work after their injury. According to the activity's safety office, the significance of the milestone is huge.

"Our workers are apparently, and in a general sense, being more careful to avoid accidents that can be more traumatic and our leaders are being effective iterating the need to be safe and in enforcing the use of proper personal protective equipment," CAAA Safety Engineer Bob Gillis said.

According to CAAA Supervisory Safety Engineer Walt Shearin, the safety culture is good, but complacency in the work place could easily ruin it. In order to maintain this culture, training has become an essential part of the workplace environment.

Gillis explained that CAAA Commander Col. Charles Kibben "went to a mandatory weekly safety topic where we previously had a monthly mandatory safety topic. The emphasis has been stronger and stronger in order to make all of our workers more aware of safety on a daily basis, to watch out for each other, and to report hazards to their supervisor as they may appear in the workplace."

While it is unknown how long CAAA will continue past this safety milestone, it is clear that it is a part of a total effort to continue to provide their best for the world's best.