WIESBADEN, Germany - While the name of one Wiesbaden program seems to target a specific audience, its offerings satisfy entire families of various types.

The Wiesbaden New Parent Support Program offers new parents and growing families support in the form of instructional parenting programs, support groups and networking forums, home visits, and informational resources.

“Our staff shares extensive knowledge of the issues confronting military parents and are sensitive to the unique challenges they face,” said LaTasha Hinson, NPSP home visitor.

NPSP consists of a professional social worker team that provides supportive and caring services to military families. The program facilitates instructional forums that include the Newborn Network, Mommy and Daddy 101, Baby Wearing, Infant Massage and additional programs for fathers.

Though the name suggests it is for first-time parents, the staff pointed out that parents and families of diverse situations are welcomed to partake in its offerings.

“Adding a brother or sister to the family presents a big change. Demands on your time are different with more than one child in your house,” said Hinson, adding that the program offers an opportunity to express and address the questions related to a family’s change in dynamics when a new child comes.

Because some parents know the ropes of parenting, they use the services of the program to ease toddlers into the idea of being away from mom or dad momentarily.

“I use the play dates to wean (my daughter) into interaction with other children,” said Carmen Kurtz, whose daughter will attend preschool this year. “It’s making her come out of her shell.”

Avid users of the NPSP rave about the abundance of consistent support received from its staff.

“I learned a lot of stuff from them,” said Francie Chonje, who said she used the Newborn Network every week for a year after having her first child. “I didn’t have a clue about what I was doing. They were always there anytime I needed them.”

“I’m really satisfied with how things are done … it’s a good positive friendly environment,” Yulia Weston, who attends playgroups with her children and takes advantage of the opportunities to network with other parents. “It really makes you feel like they care about young mothers by what they have to offer.”

And while the more popular offerings are rolled into playgroups and classes, the staff reemphasizes the service of home visits, where parents can address concerns with a professional in the privacy of their home.

“The service is tailored to fit the needs of each individual family,” said Alicia Hayba, NPSP home visitor. “We help parents enjoy their kids more.”

According to the staff, the NPSP will help one learn to cope with stress, isolation, post-deployment reunions and the everyday demands of parenthood. The classes provide up-to-date information for parents to use to make informed, responsible decisions about toddlers and young children. Support groups practice principles that build self-esteem and help establish support systems. And services are offered in English and Spanish.

Visit the location in Hainerberg Housing, Texas Strasse 57 or call mil 335-5330, civ (0611) 4080-330 to learn more.