Maritza Rodriguez
Hired! Apprentice

Skipping school may seem fun when you’re doing it, but in the long run, it just makes school harder than before.

Yes, high school is hard but it isn’t supposed to be easy. If high school were easy, would we be getting anything from it?

Think about your future, not just about right now. Think about your grades - maintaining a high GPA-and about colleges. The future has a lot in store for you, but you have to be ready to receive it with open arms.

When teens skip classes they start to mess up their grades little by little and it comes to a point when it’s hard to get your grades back up. This may even lead to failing for the whole year. It can also cause a lot of trouble when you become a senior.

Teens end up messing up so badly because they’re too busy skipping classes while missing the lesson that is being given in class. Once that lesson is given in the classroom, that’s it … you are already behind the rest of the class.

Once you decide to start catching up, it starts to feel like too much than before because at that point you’re left with double the work.

Be more alert with the things you choose to do in school or it will fall back on you sooner or later, and the results can be devastating.

Don’t you young people out there want to graduate with a high GPA and go to the best colleges out there are for us? That means that when you think about skipping classes with your buddies, choose not to.

Doing the right thing helps you in the long run. When you decide to not follow the crowd and be like others, it helps you be a leader.

The decision you make about skipping or not skipping falls on you alone. You cannot blame any of it on your parents, peers or teachers.

When you decide what you choose to do, your decision will either have a negative or positive effect on your GPA.

Always remember that colleges and universities do look back to your high school years before accepting you.

When you skip classes, you can get written up and it will not look good on your résumé for jobs or colleges.

At times, we as teens tend to just think in the moment without realizing the consequences that will be held for us at the end. So think about your future.

Yes I understand school may get really hard and boring at moments, but get past it to see the bright future ahead of you.

Stay in class and you won’t fall behind. Make the best grades possible and you won’t end up in trouble at the end.

Skipping school is not the way out, but the way to get stuck.

Look beyond to a brighter future!