FORT STEWART, Ga. - A ceremonial ribbon cutting ceremony occurred June 15 at Winn Army Community Hospital’s Family Practice Clinic to symbolize the impact of how patients utilize the Family practice clinic and its progress.

“We are revamping everything in medical care and you the [patient] are at the center of everything,” said Lt. Col. Amy Young, department chief of primary care. “You get comprehensive care and a whole team to support you. It’s proactive instead of reactive. You no longer have to pick the worse thing with your health to address that day. We will call you ahead of time and let you know what you need to do in order to keep healthy.”

According to Winn Hospital Commander, Col. Ronald Place, approximately 7,500 patients who use the clinic will notice that the physicians and staff are more hands-on with the type of care received.

“Rather than waiting for you to come to us with a particular complaint, we are going to help you manage your care,” Col. Place said. “We are going to remind you about those routine things that you should be doing… In the long run that is going to decrease the amount of time you spend with us and makes you healthier and the cost of healthcare less and we all get what we need out of the healthcare process.”

Colonel Place said Lt. Col. Young and her team worked with limited resources and medical guidance to make the changes come to fruition.

One of the Family practice teams, known as the red team because of their red uniforms, includes physicians, nurses, care coordinators and medical support assistants designed to provide quality holistic care for their patients.

“As a patient, you will be able to have one-on-one care with your physician and you get to know everyone on your team as opposed to seeing many different providers,” said medical support assistant Gail Royster.

“You get a relationship with your physician and nurse that is patient friendly and offers continuity,” said care coordinator Delia Coleman.

The clinic is the second to be revamped this year and feedback from the pilot program has been remarkable. Lieutenant Colonel Young added that patients gave feedback on knowing their providers and nursing staff through the use of surveys.

Managed patient care is priority for the Winn Family and taking of Soldiers and Family Members is what the Fort Stewart community depends upon.

After the cake cutting, Col. Place gave closing remarks to his team on their accomplishments.
“In my first week, I could not be happier than to have an event like this,” lamented Col. Place.
“We can become that trusted healthcare organization that every patient around here wants to come to and that every single healthcare worker wants to work for. That’s what we are about here… I am proud to be a part of your team.”

Shortly after the ceremony, Col. Place spoke about his first week as hospital commander since his change of command ceremony, July 7.

“…To come into an organization that is so forward thinking and that is taking this much risk on behalf of Soldiers and their Families is just a fantastic feeling,” Col. Place said. “It’s been a whirlwind, but the great thing is that there is so much support here both inside and outside the hospital community.”

To find out more information regarding the medical home or to make an appointment with you primary care physician, contact Winn at 912-435-6633.