VICENZA, Italy, July 19, 2011 -- When the Kenya Army Commander Lt. Gen. Njuki Mwaniki invited the U.S. Army Africa Commander Maj. Gen. David R. Hogg to observe infantry training in Kenya, both senior leaders were excited to continue the flourishing relationship between their organizations.Hogg recently flew more than 3,700 miles to the Kenya Army School of Infantry in Isiolo to sit alongside Mwaniki to watch a special infantry demonstration. In addition observing, Kenya Army leaders invited Hogg to shoot the M24 and .50-Caliber weapon systems.This visit to Kenya has been another building block in an evolving relationship between the Kenyan Army and U.S. Army Africa.“Visits like this provide an opportunity to exchange ideas with leaders and soldiers alike,” Hogg said. “With the often hectic schedules that come along with being a senior leader, engagement opportunities like these present a great opportunity to discuss key military issues and gain a better understanding of each other’s military organization -- the essence of sustaining relationships.”More than sustain, exchanges like this strengthen and enhance the relationship between the U.S. and Africa.“This was a great opportunity to see firsthand the fantastic training taking place within the Kenyan Army,” Hogg said. “I was impressed with the training I observed, but most of all, I was impressed with the working relationships between Kenyan soldiers and their leaders.”Mwaniki says he is equally enthusiastic about the growing relationship between the two militaries.“I am really appreciative to the U.S. for the training aid to the Kenya Army, especially all of the specialized training exchanges,” said Mwaniki. “I look forward to seeing this cooperation flourish further in the future.”