VICENZA, Italy - Algerian Land Forces Commander Major General Ahcene Tafer met with U.S. Army Africa Commander MG David R. Hogg and toured the command’s headquarters in Vicenza, Italy, June 15. Hogg visited Algeria in December 2010, so this was a chance for him to offer Tafer the same type of welcome he was given during his visit there.

In addition to meeting with Hogg, Tafer delivered a presentation on the Algerian land forces and toured some of the installation’s skills training facilities and Battle Command Training Center.

Tafer and his delegation were shown two of USARAF’s training devices " the Engagements Skills Trainer and the HMMWV Egress Assistance Trainer.

A tour of the headquarters, a small cultural tour of downtown Vicenza, and a good-bye dinner with him and his delegation finished-up the day.

Lt. Col. Ulises V. Calvo, USARAF’s North African Branch Chief, said the significance of the visit is Algeria is one of USARAF’s major partners against counterterrorism not only in North Africa but throughout Africa in general.

“They’ve been doing counterterrorism for a number of decades, and have a lot of lessons learned they can share with us to make the counter terrorism fight much more coordinated and efficient,” Calvo said.