BAMBERG, Germany " Four times a year, each battalion of the 16th Sustainment Brigade, 21st Theater Sustainment Command, send their best noncommissioned officer and junior enlisted Soldiers to compete in the Warrior and Warrior Leader of the Quarter competition.

The brigade held its first WOQ and WLOQ competition for the 2012 fiscal year at its headquarters here on Warner Barracks June 28-30.

This quarter’s competition consisted of seven events over three days that challenged each Soldier’s mental and physical abilities including an Army Physical Fitness Test, a rifle qualification range, weapons disassembly and assembly, a day and night land navigation course, a road march and a formal board.

The competitors were considered the best of each of their respective battalions as they showcased their Army skills and knowledge in an attempt to take home the prestigious title of Warrior and Warrior Leader of the Quarter.

“The most challenging event was definitely the road march,” said Spc. Steven Palmer, a motor transport operator with the 66th Transportation Company, 39th Transportation Battalion, 16th Sust. Bde., and WOQ winner. “It takes a lot of heart to not just race against your opponent but also yourself and finish with a good time.”

Over the last year the competition has evolved to maximize the challenge while maintaining a safe and rewarding event as Soldiers endure a series of physical and mental challenges.“The range was the hardest part for me,” said Sgt. Timothy Dingle, a chemical operations specialist with the 12th Chemical Co., 18th Combat Sust. Support Bn., 16th Sust. Bde., and WLOQ winner.

“I had to put on the big combat goggles over my prescription glasses. I usually shoot (expert) but I ended up shooting (sharpshooter) because I couldn’t put my cheek on the (rifle’s) stock or my nose on the charging handle.”

For some Soldiers, the competition is more than just hard work and dedication, it’s also fun.

“The best part was the land navigation,” said Dingle. “I’ve always done really well at land navigation so I knew I had day and night (land navigation) in the bag.”

“My favorite part was the board,” added Palmer. “It's always exciting to go in there and get tested on what you know.”

For the winners, the next step is the Warrior and Warrior Leader of the Year competition scheduled for next year.

“I’m pretty sure I need to keep studying for the board,” said Dingle. “This was the tenth board in my career but I still really need to learn the book answers before the Warrior Leader of the Year competition.”

“After placing 2nd in last year’s Warrior of the Year competition, I’m more motivated than ever to take home a win this time,” said Palmer.