KHOWST PROVINCE, Afghanistan, July 18, 2011 -- Soldiers assigned to the 352nd Combat Support Hospital, 807th Medical Command, at Forward Operating Base Salerno, Afghanistan, not only care for wounded Soldiers, but also provide care for the local population that is wounded due to combat action.

FOB Salerno’s hospital can provide care for any type of injury that may be sustained on the battlefield. On July 6, 2011, a woman was brought in who has sustained a gunshot wound to the back and the bullet stopped in her abdomen.

“Around 50 percent of wounded personnel that come in are local nationals” said Maj. Michael Schlosser, a physician with 352nd CSH, 807th MEDCOM.

Local nationals are only treated if they are wounded by coalition forces, Afghan National Security Forces, or by insurgents that are engaging coalition forces or ANSF, said Schlosser. Although in some cases, treatment of local national is given if the local hospital cannot handle that type of injury.

This particular woman was stabilized and treated for the injuries she sustained and will be released to Khowst City Hospital to recover fully from these wounds.

“It’s challenging, working on the local people because of the culture differences we have and the language barrier between us” said Staff Sgt. Mary Romo, the chief ward master for the 352nd CSH, 807th MEDCOM.

All local national patients currently being treated at the hospital are expected to make a full recovery, said Schlosser.