CONTINGENCY OPERATING SITE MAREZ, Iraq " As Soldiers of 4th Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, prepare to decrease the size of the brigade’s footprint in Iraq under Operation New Dawn, some troopers are increasing their work hours transitioning equipment and supplies.
Brigade leadership regularly chooses Soldiers who put forth extra effort as “Long Knife Transition Soldier of the Week,” recognizing the troops for dedication to the mission in U.S. Division " North.
Staff Sergeant Amanda Wheeler, a supply sergeant assigned to 105th Military Police Company, Task Force Shield, 4th AAB, turned in more than $8.6 million dollars worth of theater-provided equipment since arriving in country several months ago.
A native of Buffalo, N.Y., Wheeler spends the majority of her days in Iraq turning in non-essential equipment left behind by the unit her company replaced.
Currently an activated Guardsman, Wheeler said she takes pride in ensuring all required turn-ins are completed before the deadline.
“Much of the equipment we turn in is time-sensitive,” said Wheeler. “To ensure there is enough room for the equipment we brought, we have to step it up just to get the items turned in on time.”
Wheeler relies a great deal on her supply specialist, as well as armor and maintenance Soldiers, to help complete the mission successfully, and attributes much of the equipment turn-ins to them.
“I was nominated because I’m the head person in supply, but really it’s the Soldiers I work with who deserve the recognition,” said Wheeler. “This job is definitely a group effort.”
Besides turning in excess non-essential property, Wheeler manages two property books that keep track of all of the equipment assigned to the 105th MP Company.
“She does a fantastic job and is very diligent in the work she does,” said 1st Sgt. Shera-Lea Synder, senior enlisted Soldier for 105th MP Company.
A native of Grand Island, N.Y., Synder added, “She puts her heart into everything she does. She does everything she can to get Soldiers the equipment they need so they are mission-capable. When given the job to provide what Soldiers need, she goes above and beyond to accomplish the mission.”