WIESBADEN, Germany - More than 50 young people headed off to work in Baumholder and Wiesbaden June 20 at the start of this year’s Summer Hire Program.

The annual six-week summer employment opportunity in the Installation Management Command-Europe gives youths ages 14-22 a chance to earn a little spending money while gaining insight into the working world and potential careers.

“You’re doing the same job that I do " to support Soldiers and their Families,” said Dr. Robert Kandler, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden’s deputy to the commander, while welcoming the new workers on the first day of Summer Hire.

“This is an important part of your development,” Kandler said. “The fundamental principle is to treat everyone as you would like to be treated yourself.”

Stressing the importance of safety on and off the job, the deputy commander advised the youths to pay attention to directions and to always ask their supervisors if they ever have questions about how to perform a job or use equipment properly.

“Report hazards immediately to your supervisor,” said Manar Sadek-Shaw, the garrison’s safety manager. “If you see something that’s unsafe, let your supervisor know or contact the Safety Office.”

“Now you are professionals who are entering the workforce,” said Pier Poe with USAG Wiesbaden’s Equal Employment Opportunity Office, advising the new employees to “be respectful of others” and to “be careful of what you say in the workplace because it could create a hostile work environment.”

Underscoring the need for all employees to be respectful and customer-service focused, Inane McManus, Employment Readiness Program manager with Army Community Service, told the young people, “We want to deliver good service to everyone around us. … You are here to build a good reputation. … We want to give you good skill-building experiences.”

She explained that true customer service is “50 percent meeting needs and 50 percent attitude.”

This year’s program continues through July 29. Summer Hire employees make $5.50 an hour, working for various garrison directorates and other organizations in labor and clerical positions.

Thirty-five youths were selected for Summer Hire in Wiesbaden and 18 in Baumholder, according to Human Resource officials.

Youths get look at various careers during Summer Hire jobs

“Chillaxing” all day is out the window for school break this year.

This summer, Wiesbaden youths are excited about the chance to learn job skills and earn some extra cash in various work centers in the community.

“I like working at the Central Issue Facility. It’s fun. I do inventory,” said Kevin Marshall.

Mellisa Connor carries out administrative duties in the U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Equal Employment Opportunity Office. While it is not her dream job, she appreciates the compensation for her labor. “It’s not that bad, at least I get paid,” said Connor.

Though she has only been on the job for less than a month, her supervisor already realizes the benefits of her employment.

“We have a hugework load for a two-person staff. Mellisa has been a tremendous help with administrative duties since she’s been here,” said Pier Poe, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden EEO officer.

And where some have differing employment aspirations, others are getting a taste of their ideal job.

“I work at the gym. I get paid to work out which is pretty cool,” said Daniel Mattner, Wiesbaden Fitness Center sports and fitness apprentice, who said in addition to cleaning towels, “They teach us teamwork and how things are done faster as a team.”

Young employees are also pleased with job placement at the Wiesbaden Dining Facility.
“The people here are really nice,” said Aisha Wiley, who works in the facility’s rations and food distribution section where she helps inventory produce and with the breakfast and lunch lines.
And like Connor, Wiley’s efforts in the work center are highly valued by her supervisor.

“This is one of the busiest places on the (airfield),” said Tony Jordan, Wiesbaden Dining Facility manager. “We feed about a thousand people a day so there’s always room for help. Summer hires do a great job of helping us with administration and rations. We got lucky with these summer hires, they do a great job.”

The Summer Hire Program runs through July 29. And while the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center is no longer accepting employment applications for this year, individuals can search the garrison website at www.wiesbaden.army.mil to learn more about employment offerings in the community.