Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall has added another environmental-friendly project to an ever-growing list of green initiatives with some help from a local Eagle Scout candidate.

Fourteen-year-old Boy Scout Abe Konick devised an erosion-busting, pro-environment plan that involves assembling 55-gallon rain barrels and placing them around the JBM-HH base.

Konick's barrel idea is part of his Eagle Scout service project. Six barrels were installed to JMB-HH structure gutters around the base on June 24.

“The rain barrels are beneficial for us because they are helping us manage the storm water which carries pollutants,” said Wanda Gooden, Storm Water Management program manager, Directorate of Environmental Management.

“These pollutants get into rivers and streams; we're trying to reduce this pollution. This rain barrel project is one of those ways to do that.”

Konick currently is a Life Scout in Arlington County's troop 2535, and he suggests that the storm water gathered by the barrels can be used for plant and lawn watering. His assembling method was rather simple " all that was needed was a barrel, a few washers, some spray paint (the Konick project chose maroon) and mosquito netting and a lid literally topped-off Konick's rain water gatherer.

“My scoutmaster [Henry Lee] introduced me to Fort Myer, and I was looking for an Eagle project, so I thought this was a very interesting idea,” said Konick.

Lee mentioned that Konick has completely taken control of the entire barrel operation.

“He is literally in charge of the project,” said Lee.

“When you get to the Eagle project, it is more about leadership. It's not so much whether he knows how to dig the hole and install the barrel, but it is about telling the other Scouts where to dig the hole.”

“He's a very bright guy, but he also knows how to get things done,” Konick's Scout leader said.