FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- Last year’s Fort Rucker Intramural Softball champions attempted to send a message to other teams in the league with a dominant win June 30.

Old Skool from B Company, 1st Battalion, 13th Aviation Regiment dismantled Army Fleet Support " Cairns Field, 14-2, in four innings. Once the team took a more-than-10-run lead, the umpires called the game.

Old Skool first baseman Jay Thome attributed his team’s dominance to a more-than-capable offense.

“When we all work as a team and do good, it works out,” he said. “Our bats were flowing and it all came together.”

There were still a few issues for the team as it struggled at times with errors, especially missed catches and throws. Thome said all of that could be worked out in practice.

“We’re planning to blow it out the rest of the season,” he said. “Some of the players were playing positions they weren’t used to today, so we’ll have to work that out down the road.”

While Old Skool might have experienced some issues with the gloves, AFS had problems all the way around from the beginning of the game.

AFS’ first batter, Roderick Britford, did manage to land a solid base hit and seemed to be setting a tone for the game, but the follow up hitters couldn’t keep the ball on the ground; a series of fly balls made for easy catches for the Old Skool outfield in the first inning.

Once the Old Skool players took up the bats, the game was practically over. After the first three hitters loaded the bases, Sam Gipson, Old Skool shortstop, sent a fly ball over the left field fence for a grand slam.

By the end of the first inning the score was already 7-0, Old Skool.

While this might have demoralized other teams, AFS’ defense cranked things up a notch and held its ground in the second inning, keeping Old Skool from putting up any runs.

However, without adding any runs to the board for itself, AFS’ hopes of coming back faded even further away in the third inning.

The Old Skool bats came alive again in the third inning, but thanks to a base-hit-only strategy, the team managed to tack on three more runs and extend its lead, 10-0 by the end of the inning.

Some Old Skool players began taking a breather in the fourth inning, which led to a series of errors, allowing AFS shortstop Josh Blackburn to kick-start a short-lived rally for his team.

AFS managed to put up two runs before Old Skool recovered and shut down any hopes of a comeback.

After four more runs in the bottom of the fourth, it was all over, 14-2.

Kevin Shuman, AFS-Cairns coach, said the team had some issues on the field, but will work on them in upcoming practices.

“You can’t give a good team extra outs,” he said. “I’ve told our players to just concentrate on one game at a time. You have to be able to keep those balls from going over your head or between your legs.”