FORT BENNING GA - Chef Jamie Keating, usually known for his cooking demonstrations and wine-pairings, scaled down his usual fare in favor of pizza-making June 22 while he partnered with the Villages of Benning for another Resident Event.Forty children and their parents filled the Custer Village Community Room for a hands-on pizza and meatball event. Each child, equipped with a chef’s hat and Keating’s instructions, rotated from station to station " tossing dough, topping pizza and dipping strawberries. A buffet of pasta and sides was also offered to parents along with the mini-pizzas and chocolate-covered berries.“Chef Keating is the absolute best chef. Columbus and Fort Benning do not realize what they have here,” said Tandi Morris, one of the mothers who attended the event with her two children. “We are fortunate as military to have a management office that plans these wonderful events.” The Villages of Benning provides monthly events to all residents of on-post housing. The events vary from painting classes for adults to pizza-making and pool parties for children.“While prepping for my monthly event for residents, I called Jamie and ask if he wanted to come back out to Benning,” said Ashley Druica, Villages of Benning. “Of course, he said yes, but he wanted the event to be absolutely free and available to as many children as possible. Chef Keating wants to open new avenues to adventure for children, so they can discover something they will love.”Keating is with the RiverMill Event Centre in Columbus off First Avenue. He specializes in weddings, charity events and cooking demonstrations. The RiverMill Café is also open daily for lunch.The next resident event will be a pool party from noon to 2 p.m. July 22. RSVP by July 20 to event is announced in the resident monthly newsletter and posted online at