FORT BENNING GA - Col. Ronald Clark became the commander of the 192nd Infantry Brigade Thursday during a change of command ceremony at Pomeroy Field. Clark replaces Col. Terrence McKenrick.

“This brigade is responsible for taking thousands of civilians every day and transforming them into well-trained, motivated Soldiers who will fight for our nation all over the world,” said Maj. Gen. Robert Brown, Fort Benning commanding general. “Many of them will see combat within months of graduation. The 192nd builds and polishes the greatest weapon in our nation’s arsenal " America’s Soldiers.”

Brown welcomed Clark to Fort Benning. Clark’s previous assignment was as the director of the Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic at West Point.

“Ron oversaw the development, implementation and integration of character development activities for the Corps of Cadets " something that resonates with him as he takes great pride in serving in a character-based organization that protects our country and way of life.”

Brown said Clark’s reputation preceded him, calling him a positive, energetic leader " similar to McKenrick " as well as selfless and a team player.

“I look forward to serving shoulder-to-shoulder with each of you as we continue to take the high ground,” Clark said. “I truly believe that this organization, much like most of the organizations in the Army, are about people and relationships. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that I stand here on the shoulders of giants.”

Clark said many of the future Soldiers, recent graduates of high school who reported to the 30th Adjutant General Battalion (Reception), were only in third grade when the war on terror began.

“These brave men and women are joining a nation at war and here they will receive the training they need to go forth and defeat every adversary our nation will ever face,” he said.

Clark thanked the McKenricks for their service to the unit and making the transistion smooth.

“I stand here both humbled and honored to command one of the finest in the Army " the 192nd Infantry Brigade. Terry, Liz " thank you so much for the best transition that we’ve ever had,” he said.

McKenrick said he was excited about the future of the brigade with Clark as commander.

“I know you and Simona will have an incredible experience in the brigade, on Fort Benning and in the Columbus Community,” he said.

Brown said McKenrick was a proven combat leader, who brought his experience and insight to his position as commander, as well as being committed to creating the world’s best Soldiers.

“He ensured that the focus on the physical and mental toughness, marksmanship and tactical proficiencies of our Soldiers remained rooted in the Warrior culture, Army Values and Warrior Ethos " knowing that those are the pillars to produce flexible, adaptive, confident and competent Soldiers " who as I mentioned, often see combat within months of departing Fort Benning’s gates,” Brown said.

McKenrick said he enjoyed the privilege of serving the cadre, Soldiers and civilians under his command.

“The mission of winning the war on terror around the world begins here on Sand Hill,” McKenrick said. “Our drill sergeants take our volunteers from all over America, and under their tireless efforts and inspirational leadership … in 10 to 14 weeks turn them into American Soldiers " respected and feared worldwide.”

He thanked many people he worked with during his time as commander. McKenrick said the drill sergeants " those directly in charge of training new Soldiers " were some of the hardest working and best non-commissioned officers in the Army.

“Terry has served this Army for 25 years and now leaves us for the War College and then who knows where he will go on to lead,” Brown said. “But, you can be assured, that Terry has left his mark on a new generation of America’s Soldiers, and will no doubt continue to shape, influence and be a vital asset for this Army.”