FORT SILL, Okla. - The Fort Sill Directorate of Logistics became the first DOL in the Army to be given operational control of a logistics support team under "The Mighty" 407th Army Field Support Brigade at Fort Hood, Texas, April 27.

Prior to October 2010, the DOL reported to Fort Sill's garrison commander and senior mission commander, according to Col. Danny F. Tilzey, Commander of the 407th AFSB. The garrison, which works under U.S. Army Installation Management Command, will continue to have control of the DOL's purse strings until October 2012, when the entire DOL will transfer to the 407th.

In preparation for this realignment, Tilzey decided to make the Fort Sill DOL the logistical "storefront" to the Soldiers on the installation.

"The Mighty 407th AFSB's mission is to synchronize distribution and sustainment of materiel at the field level in order to support the (Army's) materiel enterprise, as well as the combat readiness of supported units and contingency operations within our area of operations," Tilzey said.

"We have built our support around our customer, the Soldier, the most important person in our organization. Every system, every procedure, and every decision is directed towards responding to the Soldier's needs. As part of this support, the DOL will now become AMC's single face to the field, coordinating and providing support to our Soldiers," he said.

Tilzey compared the change to a "one-stop shop."

The LST began as the Fort Sill Logistics Assistance Office with a staff of eight in the early to mid-1980s. It was redesignated the Logistical Support Element in 2000, according to Michael Simmons.

Over the next decade, the LSE saw a large increase in responsibility and personnel. In 2009, it became the Logistical Support Team with a staff of 78 - two military, 22 logistics assistance representatives and 54 contract employees.

Tilzey said the new operational control of the LST under DOL will be more efficient for the Warfighter because the DOL will look after the maintenance of equipment while units are overseas.

"It's an honor, and I'm honored to help Col. Tilzey and the garrison commander push what has been accomplished," Chris Grigsby, Fort Sill's current Director of Logistics said. He praised the work of five division chiefs in bringing this about.

"This transfer of control is symbolic of the rapid evolution of support," Tilzey said.

"Change is inevitable. Change is going to happen. You can either embrace it and make things better, or you can resist it," Fort Sill Garrison Commander Col. Raymond P. Lacey said, adding that it works better when change is embraced the way the Air Defense Artillery brigades did when they came to Fort Sill.

Lacey called the DOL change "the right thing to do now to have a single face to the customer."