FORT STEWART, Ga. - Laughs, cheers, and good times were had by Soldiers and Families of 3rd Squadron, 7th Cavalry, 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, Third Infantry Division, during the squadron’s “Garry Owen Day."

The organizational day featured sports competitions, a cook out, and a children’s Spur Ride, said Lt. Col. Lance Varney, 3/7 Cav. commander.

“For the Soldiers, we are having troop competitions, including flag football and kickball, but for the kids we have something really unique, the children’s Spur Ride. Basically the kids are broken down into age groups and compete in various events. The kids will sprint, throw frisbees, and pull sleds. After all that, participants will receive their own Order of the Spur certificate,” Lt. Col. Varney said.

With regard to Family days, Lt. Col. Varney stated it was crucial for units to understand the impact it has on Soldiers and their Families.

“It’s huge to have days like this," Lt. Col. Varney said. "It allows our Soldiers a chance to reenergize, as well as a reminder of the importance of Family. Sometimes people forget every decision you make not only impacts the Soldier, but the Families as well. So the chance to have everyone here, Soldiers and Family, is a great reminder of what it is we are fighting for."

First Sergeant Stephon Garrett, Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 3/7 Cav., agreed that the importance of organizational days is crucial for the morale of Soldiers and Families.

“This is the biggest thing we as leaders can do for our Soldiers and Families," 1st Sgt. Garrett said. "From the chance for Soldiers and their Families to interact with other Families, from having games for the kids, to even having the fun and exercise from the competition events--this really is the best way to build up everyone’s morale. Not to mention it is just great fun.”

Originally created in 1971, by former Secretary of the Army, Robert F. Froehlke, “Garry Owen Day," marks the anniversary of the Battle of Little Bighorn and is a day for 7th Cavalry Soldiers to reflect on the Soldiers who came before them and the Families that continue to support them.