REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- PS Magazine has entered its golden years. The 60th anniversary of the Army’s preventive maintenance monthly, which uses comic book art to provide technical information for Soldiers, was celebrated Monday with a ceremony in Bob Jones Auditorium.

“PS Magazine, congratulations on your 60th anniversary,” keynote speaker Lt. Gen. Dennis Via, deputy commander of the Army Materiel Command, said. “Best wishes for continued success.”

“Sixty years,” Paul Fitzgerald, the magazine’s first managing editor, said. “How sweet it sounds. It has a ring to it.”

Col. Robert “Pat” Sullivan, commander of AMC‟s Logistics Support Activity, said: “Happy birthday, PS Magazine.”

PS Magazine artist Joe Kubert, a noted comic-book artist and winner of a Will Eisner Hall of Fame Award, has held the publication contract since February 2001 and has contract options through 2016.

“We have to be innovative and creative, interesting and accurate,” Kubert said.

PS Magazine, is the Army Technical Bulletin 43-PS-series. The monthly bulletin publishes supply and maintenance information that enables operators, maintenance and supply personnel to maintain Army equipment at high readiness rates. It also answers roughly 2,500 queries annually from Soldiers and DA civilians about maintenance and supply issues.

The magazine warns Soldiers about the effects of heat, cold, water, sand, vibration, friction, metal fatigue, and corrosion on equipment. PS directs its articles toward the conditions that deployed Soldiers serve in during times of conflict.

PS covers a wide range of equipment in every issue, including: combat vehicles and heavy weapons; tactical wheeled vehicles and MRAP/route clearance vehicles; aircraft and missiles; construction and engineer equipment; small arms and crew-served weapons; communications and electronics, CBRN, and TMDE equipment; Soldier support equipment from tents and kitchens to uniforms and body armor; and, supply and logistics management topics.

The magazine provides HQDA G-4, US Army Materiel Command and its subordinate commands a medium for quickly getting maintenance information to company and battalion-level personnel in clear, highly focused and highly readable language with the use of cartoon characters, animated equipment, and the techniques of sequential art.

Editor’s Note: Additional information was added from the Army’s feature Stand-To on PS magazine, written by Jonathan W. Pierce.