WASHINGTON (Army News Service, June 27, 2011) -- The Warrior Transition Command released a 10-minute educational video last week highlighting new aspects of the Army’s system to care for wounded, ill and injured Soldiers.

Titled “Soldier Success through Focused Commitment,” the video features three Warriors in Transition -- Capt. Jeremy McGuffey, Sgt. 1st Class John Wright and Staff Sgt. Gabriel Garcia -- working through the WTU on their way to recovery.

It walks the viewers through several parts of the program including the Warrior Transition Unit structure -- which provides personal care for Soldiers who require six months or more of rehabilitation or complex medical care.

“The Army has committed the money and the resources to ensure that our wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers and their families can heal together,” said Brig. Gen. Darryl Williams, commander of the WTC, “as well as learn the necessary skills and tools that will enable them to lead productive lives post injury.”

Another highlight in the video focuses on the Soldier’s caregiver team and the Comprehensive Transition Plan, or CTP.

At the WTUs, a team of caregivers is appointed to each of the warriors in transition. This team develops a seven-step CTP, an individualized care plan that focuses on six aspects of the Soldier’s life -- physical, emotional, spiritual, social, family and career.

“It’s about everybody coming together -- his nurse case manager, his primary care doctor, his social worker and his squad leader,” said Christina Garcia, Garcia’s wife. “Everybody together in the same room and discussing just him.”

The seven aspects -- developed during “scrimmage” sessions which consist of the Soldier, the caregivers and his family -- are used as the focus to help set short-term and long-term goals based on the warrior’s abilities.

These personalized goals help the warriors and their families successfully transition back into the force or into civilian life.

The video is available for viewing on WTC’s website, http://www.wtc.army.mil/.