Combined Arms Center " Fort Leavenworth, Kansas - The “Moral Combat” version of the “America’s Army” game is being shipped to Army units. This game transforms traditional Army ethics education into an interactive experience capitalizing on the popularity and success of “America's Army.” Breaking away from traditional, case-study based instruction, the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic (CAPE) adds a series of challenging ethical scenarios to the game’s maps, missions, and objectives.
“Moral Combat” introduces a series of ethical dilemmas designed to prompt discussion among Soldiers regarding ethical decision-making. This engaging teaching method is a great tool for leaders to use when discussing the Profession of Arms. It is most effective at the squad and platoon levels.
Participants will conduct a training phase and two missions. The training phase familiarizes Soldiers with basic game play. Mission 1, gives Soldiers an opportunity to face multiple decision points as they execute a joint patrol with the Bekistan National Army (BNA). Mission 2 simulates a route clearing to secure a school for a meeting with the local Sheik, again facing multiple decision points. As Soldiers talk through each decision point, they gain a better understanding of how to make their own decisions while also learning from their peers and leaders. The leader gains a better perspective of the thought process and values of his or her Soldiers. Each box of 50 CDs will include a facilitator guide which is also available online at

CAPE was established by the Chief of Staff of the Army in 2008 to reinforce the Army profession and it’s Ethic. The center was realigned to fall under the command and control of the US Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) and its Combined Arms Center (CAC) in August 2010. For more information on CAPE or “Moral Combat” visit the CAPE website at or on AKO at