Anniston Army Depot, Ala. " Army Materiel Command’s LMP Dream Team, formally known as the LMP Enterprise Team, made its first of many stops at Anniston Army Depot to determine what AMC can do to support the industrial base sites as they push towards LMP sustainment.

The Dream Team, headed by former ANAD commander Col. (Ret.) Alex Raulerson, brings together LMP experts from the Department of the Army, AMC, TACOM Life Cycle Management Command and representatives from depots and arsenals.

The Dream Team is discovering common LMP issues all sites are facing and striving for “quick wins” for LMP system users across the enterprise.

Several ANAD employees have joined the Dream Team and hope to gain helpful system information that can be brought back to Anniston.

Rod Brodeur, LMP data quality manager; Shawn Magouyrk, chief of the Powertrain and Scheduling Branch; and Matt Hunter, chief of the Managerial Accounting Division, traveled to Red River Army Depot and will join the Dream Team at TACOM LCMC headquarters later this month.

Rick Atkins, chief of the Production Planning Division, will join the team at TACOM LCMC headquarters.

Among issues the Dream Team is addressing are the standardization of business processes, LMP training requirements, system work around reduction and metrics reporting.

“It has been reassuring to learn that Anniston is not alone in its struggles to adapt to the new system,” said Magouyrk. “We have discovered other sites are facing 85 percent of the same issues we are.”

In order for the Dream Team to be effective, they have to turn their findings into action items and work on solving the issues. The Dream Team will meet at AMC headquarters in July to develop a project plan so that they can better document “quick wins” as they are realized.

As a result of the Dream Team’s efforts, ANAD is communicating more frequently with TACOM LCMC and other sites. In addition, TACOM LCMC plans to send representatives to Anniston so that they can see some of the pain points being experienced.

“ANAD and TACOM LCMC are communicating and sharing information more than ever before,” said Brodeur, “Our success with LMP is dependent upon everyone working together.”