CONTINGENCY OPERATING SITE MAREZ, Iraq " Soldiers assigned to Task Force Shield, 4th Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, and Iraqi officials watched as police academy graduates showcased newly acquired skills at the Mosul Public Service Academy, June 12.
During the four-week basic recruit training course at the MPSA, students learned the fundamentals of operating as police officers, including police ethics, martial arts, evidence collection, crime scene security, marksmanship and rights of the accused.
“They get the building blocks of being a police officer, then they go out to their unit and get more on-the-job training,” said Lt. Col. Kevin Henderson, commander of Task Force Shield.
The Iraqi policemen demonstrated how to collect evidence at a simulated crime scene, mark the scene, take photographs and dust for fingerprints before allowing emergency responders to move into the area.
By exhibiting tactics and abilities, the class showed they are ready to be part of the police force, said Henderson, a native of Newburgh, N.Y.
Graduates also displayed their martial arts skills and discipline with a demonstration of defensive techniques during a scenario where the officers protected a “dignitary” from an attack by extremists.
“Having a big graduation builds confidence,” said Henderson. “It’s like their rite of passage into the police force.”
With the completion of the basic police training, Iraqi police officers join others in the ranks already securing the people of Ninewa province and the city of Mosul.
“These training centers are the foundation of all the training,” said staff Maj. Gen. Ahmed Hassan, the provincial director of police. “We’re not going to leave any gaps for the terrorists inside or outside the city.”