CAMP AS SAYLIYAH, Qatar - The 1st Battalion, 401st Army Field Support Brigade, has received the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System to add to the Army Prepositioned Stock - 5 Fires Brigade in Qatar.

In a combined effort by 1/401st AFSB Soldiers, ITT Systems Corporation and Project Manager HIMARS personnel, the HIMARS systems were inspected and de-processed for care of supplies in storage in warehouses.

HIMARS is the newest member of the Multiple Launch Rocket System family that entered the Army system in June 2005. It is a C130-transportable, indirect fire, field artillery rocket system designed to fire all rockets and missiles in the current MLRS family of munitions and the Army’s long-range guided missile system. The launcher is mounted on the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles 5-ton chassis, allowing it to be deployed into areas inaccessible by the C-141 and C-5, which are required to move the M270 MLRS fully-tracked vehicle.

The overall HIMARS system consists of the M142 Launcher, M1084 re-supply vehicle, M1095 re-supply trailer and the M1152 integrated shelter as its command and control. The M142 Launcher is made up of an on-board fire control system, XM1140A1 FMTV wheeled vehicle chassis and the launcher module which is capable of carrying one rocket pod (six rockets) or one guided missile launching assembly. The M1152 integrated shelter provides the selected target data via a secure data link to the HIMARS on-board fire control system.

The process for the de-processing included inspections and testing of the launcher module and the on-board fire control system. The HIMARS are currently configured with launch pod assembly trainers, which allow simulated firing of rockets to ensure proper operation of the fire control system.

PM HIMARS and ITT personnel also inventoried special tools required for the HIMARS and RSV, spare parts to maintain the vehicles, and basic issue items for all systems. Maintaining the HIMARS while in COSIS will be a joint effort by 1/401st AFSB, ITT Systems Inc. and Lockheed Martin providing field Service representative support on a rotational basis.