Soldiers, Family Members, and people from the Lawton-Fort Sill region enjoyed a challenging, yet rather fulfilling, Saturday morning run during 75th Fires Brigade's 32nd Annual Diamond Brigade Run at Fort Sill, June 4th 2011.

In the event's 32nd year, partnered with Fort Sill's Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation, the 5K and 10K sanctioned run is more of a fund-raiser for local charitable organizations than just a Saturday morning stroll. The past year alone saw the Diamond Chapter of the United States Army Field Artillery Association present checks of $2000 and $1000 to the Lawton Armed Services YMCA and the Lawton Boys & Girls Club, respectively.

Despite a delay in some logistical matters, the brigade managed to sell out on the popular t-shirts for the event, guaranteeing another highly successful Diamond Brigade Run.

Brigade Deputy Commander, Lt. Col. Roderick Herron, has been part of the last few runs with this being his last. He has helped design awards given for overall winners, t-shirt designs, and much of the framework which helps keep the fundraiser going strong. When presenting the donation from the 31st Annual DBR, on behalf of the Diamond Chapter of the USAFAA, he made sure the event's organizers and all the Soldiers, whom participate, in addition to the countless number of anonymous donators, are especially thanked.

"Without all of that support, the number of hours, planning, and following up over and over with so many different contacts, this would be nothing more than an average unit run", Herron says, "but it's not. This is a huge fundraiser, in its 32nd year, and that's nothing that should go unnoticed".

Herron also said even though he will not be here for next year's run, he hopes to hear that the number of participants at least doubles in size.

Look for the 33rd Annual Diamond Brigade Run, sometime in late May or early June next year, to be just as great, if not more so than this year.