Service, sacrifice and the importance of community were the themes of the 2011 Carlisle Memorial Day observance May 30.
Col. Alan Bourque, former Army War College Chief of Staff, was the guest speaker for event, held in downtown Carlisle, Pa. Before his remarks, veterans groups, bands and fire responders traveled down a flag and people lined Hanover Street.
“Few communities can measure up to the tremendous support Carlisle, Cumberland County and Pennsylvania provides our service members,” he said. “Selfless concern for our neighbors and steadfast commitment to our national values is what this community is famous for.”
Under a driving sun, Bourque closed his remarks with a call to action.
"Let this Memorial Day be a beginning, a rebirth of our commitment to live and to serve with passion, joy and enthusiasm. Let us start summer with a triumphant and joyous song, as we celebrate liberty, love and life."
Bourque was one of 25 speakers from Carlisle Barracks who took part in local Memorial Day events.