WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Nov. 9, 2006) - The Army homepage, www.army.mil, got a new look today.

Users will find a new format designed to better meet their needs.

"The new Army homepage will serve as the online public entryway, providing instant access to information about the Army, by the Army," said Lt. Col. Joseph Yoswa, director of Web Communications.

The look shifts from the black, grey and gold palette begun four years ago to the camouflage colors of the Army Combat Uniform.

"We've adopted a corporate approach to the Web site, with fewer links on the front pages but more variety of information and a more intuitive navigation scheme," Yoswa said. Information has been grouped into sections more easily understood by those who are new to the Army family and the general public, he added.

The site features a revamped news section at www.army.mil with such regional focuses as Europe, Asia and South Africa, and sectional focuses on technology, health, and human interest. These sections capitalize on the capabilities of the newly activated Soldiers Media Center, which collects print and broadcast products from throughout the Army.

The former homepage featured three images that randomly displayed each time the main page loaded.

"We have increased the capability to now have up to six pieces of content represented, to include an image, news story, video, slide show, audio show or various combinations of these contents," said Yoswa.

"As the SMC collects information from across the Army, this new format amplifies those stories, messages and experiences that are the Army," said Col. Richard Breen, SMC commander.

This is not the first effort of Army Public Affairs, SMC's headquarters element, to provide a collaborative capability online. More than a year ago, Army Community Relations launched an online Outreach calendar that is now included on multiple pages of army.mil.

The Army maintains a Web site to meet its legislative requirements to communicate with Soldiers and the American people.

"Army.mil is a proven success, continually ranking within the top 1,100 Web sites in the world, out of a field of over a million Web sites. Between six to twelve million visitors come to army.mil in any given month," Yoswa said.

"The Web site gives the Army the largest reach and widest dissemination, as well as a more varied capability to tell the Army story," Breen added.